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Fengyang builds a provincial glass product demonstration zone...

2019/01/15 09:19
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Fengyang County is dedicated to “creating a demonstration zone for high-quality glass products production in Anhui Province” around the 100 billion yuan silicon (glass) industry plan. From January to October this year, the total industrial output value of glass and glass products above designated size reached 1.094 billion yuan, and the industrial added value reached 395 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 53.26%.
The county's glass and glass products manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. At present, the county has 34 quartz sand deep processing enterprises with a total investment of 10 billion yuan and more than 3,000 varieties of glass products, of which crystal blocks account for one-third of the national market share. Glass products account for about a quarter of the domestic market; glassware products cover 80% of the country's market.
In order to create a provincial high-quality product demonstration zone, take the road of quality win and brand development, and enhance the core competitiveness and market competitiveness of the enterprise, the county explores the establishment of product quality insurance and quality guarantee for product cluster enterprises, and brings into play the industry quality and technical cooperation. Organizational role and other safeguard systems, actively guide glass products enterprises to carry out overall quality management, vigorously implement technical standards strategy, vigorously enhance the enterprise's measurement and testing technology and management level; build a long-term mechanism for quality supervision, and build on the advantages of resources and the advantages of glass enterprise clusters The province's first, nationally renowned high-quality glass production demonstration zone.