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Yilite glass products company solid foundation to take the road of quality and efficiency

2019/01/15 09:19
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On March 18th, at the glass production site of Yilite Glass Products Co., Ltd., the sound of the machine was rumbling, the fire was flaming, and the white glass bottles of white and jade were lined up on the assembly line and were packed by the workers on the waiting car. A nervous scene.
Yilite Glass Products Co., Ltd. is an annual manufacturer of 10,000 tons of glass products and the largest manufacturer of opal glass bottles in Xinjiang. When it comes to the production of opal glass bottles, Lu Ming, the company's chairman, told us that the white glass bottles are not ugly due to the process characteristics, and they are displayed in a little bit. There are more than 100 kinds of bottle defects in production, and more than 20 are common. A variety of products, product yield is not high, the industry is mostly unwilling to do. Facing the difficulties of equipment facilities and weak technical strength, Yilite Glass Products Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of “self-improvement, continuous improvement, fine manufacturing, and first-class quality”, comprehensively promotes the implementation of fine management, and introduces Haier’s OEC management. Advanced management concepts and management methods such as target cost, OA collaborative office management platform, ERP microcomputer information management system, and implementation of ISO9001 management system, A management model, 6S management, standardized good behavior system and other advanced management systems and The management method actively introduces and promotes advanced concepts such as core competitiveness, detail management, and execution, so that the company always maintains its vitality.